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Residence for professionals with international projection

The residence for professionals with international projection can be requested by those professionals who establish their headquarters or activity base in Andorra, and at least 85% of their services are provided outside Andorra.


  • Remain in Andorra at least 90 days per calendar year
  • Provide at least 85% of the services outside Andorra
  • Acquire or rent a property in Andorra
  • Hire as maximum one person as employee
  • Demonstrate the economic viability of the activity that will be carried out in Andorra
  • The holder must have sufficient financial funds to sustain himself/herself and his/her dependants in Andorra
  • Make a € 50,000 deposit in the Andorran Financial Authority (which will be returned upon ceasing to reside in the country). In addition, for each dependant person, the holder must deposit an additional € 10,000.

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