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Mònica Núñez

Audit, Consulting and Intellectual Property Partner-Director at Triple A. Mònica Núñez has developed her professional career over the last 20 years in auditing firms in Spain and Andorra. She has worked as Senior Manager in a big four firm and in a local firm in Andorra, advising national and multinational companies in different sectors (industrial, commercial and services).

Also, in recent years she has specialized in the field of accounting and consolidation. This has allowed her to develop this field as a freelance in a listed company in Spain

Maika Nin

Taxation, Foreign Investment and Accounting Advice Partner-Director at Triple A. Maika Nin has developed her career over more than 10 years in auditing firms in Andorra.

Specifically, she has participated in the amendment of the Law on accounting for business to adapt it to the new corporation tax. In recent years, she has worked in Andorran publications relating to accounting and tax system.