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Agency services in Andorra

Our agency offers a professional, agile and friendly service for all the business procedures such as accounting and taxes, labour and trading in Andorra.

We also process administrative documents and applications for both individuals and companies within Andorran institutions and entities.


Commercial Management

  • Foreign investment applications (for buying/establishing companies, buying real estate)
  • Establishment or modification of companies
  • Drafting and amendment of bylaws and articles of association
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies
  • Registration, modification and removal of a business in the Trade Registry
  • Drafting of minutes/corporate government documents
  • Collection and legalization of Minutes Books and Partners Registers
  • Patents and Brands Registration

Labour consulting

  • Obtaining and renewing residence and work permits
  • Obtaining and renewing a work permit for foreign companies
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Payroll management and pay slips drafting
  • Registration and cancellation of a person in the Andorran Social System (health and pension) (CASS)
  • Management of monthly contributions to the CASS
  • Drafting letters of employment dismissal
  • Drafting of labour settlements

Accounting services

  • Accounting advice
  • Outsourcing of accounting services
  • Filing annual accounts at Registry
  • Review of external accounts
  • Collaboration with external auditors for the accounts validation
  • Development of business plans and feasibility studies
  • PAIF’s drafting

Tax services

  • Tax advice for companies and individuals
  • Presentation of appeals and queries to the tax authorities
  • Filing Andorran taxes: IGI (VAT), IRPF (personal income tax), IRNR (income tax for non
  • residents), IS (company income tax)
  • Filing of Spanish IRNR (income tax for non-residents)
  • Procedures for the ITP’s exemption (tax on property transfers)


  • Passive Residence (residence with no lucrative activity)
  • Residence and work permit for Andorran companies
  • Residence and work permit for foreign companies
  • Residence permit due to family reunification
  • Self-employed residence
  • Cross-border work permit
  • Residence permit for professionals with international presence
  • Residence permit for professionals with scientific, cultural and sport interest
  • Residence permit for admission in private care, medical or therapeutic centres

Other procedures

  • Council register
  • Census certificate
  • Property ownership certificate
  • Business ownership certificate
  • University degrees homologation
  • Legal representative for temporary workers
  • Domestic partnership certificate
  • Hunting permit
  • Fishing permit
  • Other applications, letters to Andorran institutions and entities
  • Legalization of documents (Apostille of The Hague)
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Italian’s criminal record certificate
  • Advice on vehicles import
  • Change of vehicle ownership (yellow card)
  • Non-debt certificates of the City Council, the Tax Administration and the CASS (Social System)
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage or civil union certificate
  • Domestic partnership certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Residence certificate
  • Tax Residence Certificate

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